Intermec’s Intellitag, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is the newest innovation in supply chain automatic identification and data collection (AIDC). It provides advantages not available with traditional data collection technologies.

Intermec radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are capable of receiving, storing and transmitting digital information. The tags themselves are made up of either a transmitter and receiver pair, or a transceiver with an information storage mechanism attached.

915MHz ID Card
915 MHz Tag for RPC
2450 MHz Metal Mount

Intermec radio frequency identification (RFID) readers extract and separate information from RFID tags. Readers may also interface to an integral display or provide a parallel or serial communications interface to a host computer or industrial controller.

Microwave OEM Reader
UHF OEM Reader
UHF PC Reader
1555 Reader/Interrog
ITRF Fixed Reader
Developers Kits
The Intermec radio frequency identification (RFID) Developer's Kit provides the necessary tools for demonstrating Intermec Intellitag products, and for writing application software for Intellitag readers.

RFID Developers Kits
Evaluation Kit
The Intellitag Ready-To-Go Evaluation Kits will enable users to create an RFID pilot in their own facility in a matter of hours versus weeks or months. In addition to tag and label samples and a fixed position reader, a hand-held barcode/RFID reader is also included in the kit, providing a convenient and practical way to perform exception based scanning, a reality in any distribution environment. Intellitag RFID-certified Intermec partners and Intermec Professional Services provide additional education, site survey, process re-engineering consulting, and project management services to enable companies to be piloting Intellitag RFID in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks.

RFID Evaluation Kit


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